Hermosa Logistics is the ultimate integrated online system that manages scheduling, projects and human resource information for remote employees and their supervisors, instantly and easily accessible from one portal.

Streamlined Communication.
Improved Efficiency.
Increased Productivity.
That’s a big promise. And we deliver on it.

Your business may be complex, but that doesn’t mean your software needs to be complicated and expensive. We’ve been where you are—managing people and projects around the country, investing in resources to keep them on the move, while you’re planning the next move.

That’s why we developed Hermosa Logistics. We knew there was a better way, to manage projects and personnel with one system, to increase productivity and save money.

Imagine spending less time managing multiple software programs, and more time supporting your customers and your teams.

Imagine less time navigating through redundant entries and confusing files and more time being creative and connected.

Imagine more of everything productive, and less of everything confusing.

That’s the power of Hermosa Logistics.


Each Employee’s dashboard shows their

  • Company Wide announcements
  • Personal Message Board
  • Assigned Tasks
  • Social Media photo sharing
  • Time reporting
  • Work schedule
  • Travel plans

Everything is online, Our software, your HR files, Schedules and Projects. All online for easy access. Nothing to download.

It’s Like a Franchise

The system is easy to use and streamlines your operation. It’s like having a franchise without the franchise fees. It is easy to use and adds systems and procedures automatically.

Quarterly Improvements

We listen to our users. Quarterly enhancements to our software are included at no extra cost. We believe in CANI. Constant and never ending improvement.

What users are saying

See how Hermosa Logistics can help you grow your business without adding overhead.