Hermosa Logistics makes it simple with one smart, integrated solution to keep your company connected and on the move.


Manage remote projects and personnel with fewer systems, fewer entries and fewer crossed paths. Give your team all of the information they need to make timely, cost-effective decisions.

Remote Workforce Management

  • Employee and Team Scheduling
    Schedule your people for each project taking into account their attributes and travel costs.
  • Project Management
    Communicate everything regarding the project from start to finish including posting plans and progress reports.
  • Travel Logistics
    Make better travel decisions and communicate travel to all parties involved.
  • Expense Reporting
    Field employees submit their expense reports and tie them to projects. These can be exported to you payroll system for payment.
  • Supply Ordering
    Field users can order supplies i.e. tools, safety items etc. from the office through the system.
  • Document Libraries
    Post documents in Specific HR, Operations and Admin Libraries by access level.
  • Job Costing
    By capturing hours worked and supply purchases by project you get weekly Job Cost reports.
  • Video Libraries
    Post videos, (Training, Announcements etc) right on employee’s home page.
  • Employee Portal
    On place for company wide communication. This is how you run the company.

Human Resource Information System

  • Electronic Employee Files
    Access from anywhere. Save paper and space. Information at your fingertips.
  • Attendance Calendars
    Supervisors report daily attendance issues. You get an instant email making you aware and the employee’s attendance calendar is automatically updated.
  • Performance Appraisals
    Customizable employee appraisal forms allow for feedback anywhere, anytime.
  • Employee Counseling
    Employee feedback forms are all online.
  • Training Documentation
    Keep track of all employee training in one place and see who’s been trained in what when scheduling.
  • Time and Labor Reporting
    Employee report time by project when clocking in and out. You have the option of entering total hours for the day or entering specific in and out times.
  • Third Party Labor Reporting
    If you use a 3rd party i.e. Temp. Service, your supervisors can report the times daily by project. This can be used when paying the 3rd party bill and for applying the costs to the project for job costing.
  • Applicant Tracking System
    You will have your own online employment application. The system allows you to review, comment and schedule interviews. One click turns the applicant into a user in the system.
  • Engagement & Exit Surveys
    Get a pulse on the operation. Automate sending employee engagement and exit surveys.

As owners of a national fixture installation company with thousands of successful projects across the U.S, we knew there was a better way to keep in touch and track projects.

We envisioned an intuitive system that would serve supervisors, employees, the company, and in turn, our customers. We applied our experience, insight and technology to develop a program that would unify any company with traveling crews, especially those with 20-1000 employees.

Today companies use Hermosa Logistics to manage hundreds of remote team members, replacing multiple online systems with one hassle-free solution. It’s been tested, proven and updated, so you can be confident it will work for you as your business grows and evolves.

Ready to see what makes Hermosa Logistics the perfect Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for your business?